Cuatro Drinks for Cinco De Mayo

At Cocktail Crate, we love history almost as much as we love a great cocktail. When we find a way to combine the two, we get extra excited. And Cinco de Mayo is definitely one of those perfect intersections. In the US, Cinco has become a celebration of Mexican culture, cuisine, and heritage – not to mention a chance to kick back with some tequila and cerveza. The story behind the holiday is also pretty amazing.

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican army’s unlikely defeat of the French at the battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862. This victory was a big deal. At the time, the French army was considered one of the best in the world and had not been defeated in 50 years. They also had 3 times as many soldiers at the battle as the Mexicans. The Mexican’s victory provided a huge morale boost for the struggling resistance.

The victory was also great news for the Union in the American Civil War. It was widely believed at the time that Napoleon III of France wanted to use Mexico as a base from which to support the confederacy. Some historians have argued that if not for the Battle of Puebla, Napoleon III would have begun supporting the confederacy and in doing so permanently altered the course of both American and Mexican history.

This Cinco, here’s how we’re going to be celebrating the Mexican Victory in 1862:


Spicy Michelada

Michelada Intro1

A refreshing Mexican classic, a Michelada is a beer cocktail typically made of Mexican beer, fresh lime juice, hot sauce, and spices. For Cocktail Crate’s Spicy Michelada mix, we combined fresh squeezed orange and lime juice with our favorite small batch Sriracha sauce and a pinch of salt.


Mixing Directions: Add 2-3 ounces of Spicy Michelada to your favorite Mexican beer in an ice filled pint glass. Optional: start by garnishing the rim of the glass with salt or chili salt.


Sriracha Margarita

Sriracha Margarita and don

One of our all times favorite cocktails, a good margarita should be refreshing, strong, and definitely not too sweet. For Cocktail Crate’s Sriracha Margarita, we combined fresh squeezed lime juice, organic agave nectar, and our favorite small batch hot sauce.

Mixing Directions: Combine 2 oz of Sriracha Margarita with 2oz of your favorite premium tequila. Shake with ice and serve “up” in a cocktail glass.  



Abeja Cocktail


This Cocktail Crate original combines the rich honey sweetness and fresh ginger zing of our Ginger Bee mixer with premium tequila.

Mixing Directions: Combine 2 oz of Ginger Bee with 2oz of your favorite premium tequila. Shake with ice and serve “up” in a cocktail glass.

The Cocktail Crate Paloma


About as simple as a cocktail can be, a Paloma is traditionally made by combining tequila and grapefruit soda. An even fresher tasting version can be made by combining tequila, fresh grapefruit and lime juice and a little sparkling water. For Cocktail Crate’s Paloma, we combine tequila with our Grapefruit Daiquiri mixer – the mixer is crafted from fresh grapefruit and lime juice along with a little green tea.

Mixing Directions: Combine 2 oz of Grapefruit Daiquiri with 2oz of your favorite premium tequila. Shake with ice and serve “up” in a cocktail glass.