Iidea Company

For centuries, Indigenous people of what is now Mexico have taken advantage of the delicious sugars from what many consider to be a magical plant: the Blue Agave. But producing agave nectar is no easy feat. First, the plant needs to mature for up to 10 years. Then, each plant is hand harvested by farmers who then break away the spiky leaves leaving just the heart of the plant, the pina, from which sweet agave nectar is produced.

Based in the mountainous state of Jalisco Mexico, Iidea Company works directly with the farmers to produce a truly delicious and organic nectar from 100% Blue Agave. Is all the work that goes into producing Iidea’s agave worth it? We think that 1 sip of Sriracha Margarita, made from their organic blue agave nectar, will answer that better than words ever could.

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