Greenpoint Trading Company

Flavor extracts and concentrates? Not for Cocktail Crate! We find that true delicious and authentic flavors comes from a slow steeping of whole spices and teas. And our go-to source for high quality, whole spices are our friends Kimmee and Evan at Greenpoint Trading Company.

Greenpoint Trading Company formed in 2010 out of a deep affection for spices by husband & wife duo, Evan and Kimmee. The Brooklyn-based spice company started with fortuitous beginnings. After a job hunt that landed him in a spice warehouse Evan discovered the trade that he has now been working in for over 6 years. Kimmee has always been passionate about cooking and baking since she was a little girl.  Experimenting with flavors and tweaking her family’s endless recipes.  Together Evan and Kimmee have created a line of seasonings and spices that showcases their love affair with finely seasoned foods.

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