The Ginger People

How do we get that super fresh ginger zing in Ginger Bee? Why are there several centimeters of real ginger sediment at the bottom of each bottle? It’s because we use fresh pressed ginger from our friends at The Ginger People.

For over 30 years, Ginger People founders Bruce and Abbie Leeson have been perfecting the craft of all things ginger, responsibly sourcing their key ingredient directly from ginger farmers and producers from the best ginger growing regions in the world. 

In the company’s words “The farms we partner with in China sit in a primordial area nestled amongst hills and mountains with an elevation higher than 800 meters, where there is virgin land… and no factories around the crop areas. No chemical fertilizer or pesticides are used while planting. The farms irrigate the ginger with spring water.”

this ingredient is used in....