Grapefruit Daiquiri


375 ML / 12.7 FL OZ

When made well, a Daiquiri should be strong, cold, pleasantly tart, and just a little sweet. It’s the kind of drink that’s great for a lazy summer afternoon and that’s even better as a kickoff to a fun evening with family or friends. Inspired by Ernest Hemingway, who loved his Daiquiris with grapefruit, we handcrafted Cocktail Crate’s Grapefruit Daiquiri cocktail mixer from fresh squeezed lime and grapefruit juices, pure cane sugar, and a hint of green tea.

Mixing Directions: Combine 1 shot of Grapefruit Daiquiri with 1 shot of rum. Shake with ice, and serve up in a coupe glass or on the rocks. Gin and Vodka are delicious with Grapefruit Daiquiri as well!  

Ingredients:  Filtered water, cane sugar, lime juice, grapefruit juice, jasmine tea

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Grapefruit Daiquiri

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